The Mattress Recycling Process

As you can imagine stripping mattresses is heavy, hard and sometimes dirty work but environmentally they represent a huge proportion of the landfill challenge. One large waste contractor in Nottingham told us last year he estimates 91% of the landfill they send is made up of mattresses!!

What do we do with the component parts?

The steel extracted is sent to a metal contractor for smelting and use in other new products.

The polyester extracted is sent to a processor who treats it and is then used in various other products e.g. filters.

The fabric and foam components are sent to a waste contractor for shredding, baling and ultimately incineration for generation of heat and electricity. We’re constantly looking for better uses for these materials but energy creation is a lot better than landfill in our view.

None of the materials therefore end up in landfill.

The photographs below show the Mattress Stripping process step by step.