Welcome to Mattress Recycling Services


Helping the environment one mattress at a time

A new Mattress Recycling Service for Derby

If you are looking to dispose of a Mattress in an environmentally conscious way then you have come to the right place!

We’re less expensive than Derby City Council Mattress Disposal for their bulky waste collection service, we’re much more flexible (you can pick a day that suits you) and we will recycle the mattress not landfill it.

Since we started the business July 2018 we have saved over 50 tonnes of mattresses going to landfill which is over 35,000 cubic feet of material.

Our goal is to prevent as many mattresses as possible ending up in landfill. They’re dangerous for operators and equipment when put into landfill sites because they have large void spaces in them that gather potentially dangerous gases and can trap equipment if it collapses into the mattresses. They also take a huge amount of time to decompose.

We’re also trying to work with local councils because when they do their bulky waste collections, mattresses invariably end up in landfill.

We welcome enquiries from commercial users too for example Bed Retailers (we work with a number already that previously had to send their old mattresses to landfill), Landlords and Letting Agents, Hotels, Bed Manufacturers, Waste Contractors, House Clearance companies etc.